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AAEM Interview

This interview from Ali Farzad of AAEM discussed my thoughts on new technologies to bolster learning and teaching in Emergency Medicine

Monocle Feature


Mention in a Center of Emergency Medicine Document from the UK

If you know anything about the former policies for medicine social media in the UK, this was a big deal for me

Top Five Doctors to Follow


From Almost the Doctors Channel. Next to Oliver Sacks, I am so not even close to worthy.

EMRA 2013 Education Survey

#1 Blog and #2 Podcast, #1 for Specialty-Specific Resource (Critical Care)

Top Podcast and Top Episode on 12/16/13

2013-12-16 Itunes Medicine

Interview in ACEP Critical Care Section Newsletter

One of my former residents, Raghu Seethala interviewed me; I really like the way this one played out.

“Maximally Aggressive Care, Everywhere”_ An Interview with Scott Weingart

How I Work Smarter

from ALIEM

On 2/24/15, I had two of the three most read articles on Annals Emerg Med